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Defending Our Values.

Bryan Lawrence

Why I’m Running

With DFL control of state government, we’ve seen the erosion of our central Minnesota way of life. From radical transgender ideology, to assaults on our religious freedoms, the unborn and our Second Amendment rights, these so-called “progressives” are destroying our state.

It’s time to fight back! As our State Representative, I’ll stand up against these attacks on our families, freedoms and liberties and aggressively defend the conservative values that made our country the best in the world. I respectfully ask for your support.


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    About Bryan


    Bryan Lawrence was born in Coon Rapids, MN to Doug and JoAnn Lawrence on June 28, 1970. He has one brother Bradley Lawrence born three years after him who still resides in the area. His father Doug, an entrepreneur from birth, was the owner and operator of Rocket Oil (home heating oil delivery), Rocket Turf (sod business) and Lawrence Herefords(beef cattle business). Doug Lawrence passed away in January of 2021. Bryan in conjunction with his mother JoAnn and brother Brad is still an integral working part of all three of those businesses today.

    Bryan would work and live on the original sod farm in Coon Rapids his entire life and graduate from Coon Rapids High School in 1988. From there he would attend the University of Minnesota and ultimately graduate with a degree in Agricultural Business Administration before returning to the family farm to begin his continued role working with his dad. Bryan has worked his lifetime in the family business focused on turf grass growth and installation, oil delivery and sales and care of the cattle operation in Princeton which is 67 years old.

    During Bryan’s youth he was involved in church participating in Sunday school and Youth group weekly. Additionally, he was actively involved in 4-H, and the Junior Hereford Association showing cattle and participating in leadership activities all over the United States. He would be elected to, and serve on the Junior National Hereford Board as a director from 1989 – 1991.

    Bryan would marry his wife Marytina in 1995. They would have four children over the years of 1998 – 2007. Upon his marriage to Marytina, she and he would move to the family owned farm in Princeton, MN where the cattle operation was located and take on the primary care of the cattle. Bryan would then commute to Coon Rapids to work in the sod and oil businesses every day in addition to caring for the cattle. Bryan and Marytina still live in the original farmhouse in Princeton and have been married for 28 years.

    Bryan and Marytina would become active members of Sherburne County Farm Bureau, specifically in the Young Farmers and Ranchers program and ultimately would serve a 3 year term on the state board of directors for Young Farmers and Ranchers. They would represent their state and agriculture in Washington DC on two separate occasions and travel to national conferences to represent farmers in Minnesota during their tenure. Bryan would also be nominated for and participate in Partners of Agricultural Leadership during this time. Currently, Bryan is the President of Sherburne County Farm Bureau.

    Additional leadership positions Bryan currently holds are President of the Minnesota Turf Association, President of the Minnesota Hereford Breeders and Supervisor for Baldwin Township.

    Bryan would begin his work in politics in 1996 when he would run for the state house of representatives against a strong incumbent in a district that included Benton and Sherburne Counties. A complete unknown, he would garner 36% of the vote. He would go on to run again two years later in 1998, increasing his vote percentage and name identification. 

    As a result of his political activity, Bryan would be asked to fill a vacant seat on the local township board. This would begin a lifelong career in local government. Bryan has served on the Baldwin Township board for over 20 years. He has served in several capacities on the board including board chair. During his time on the township board he has worked to prepare the township for exponential growth (Baldwin is one of the fastest growing townships in MN). He has been in on the ground floor of developing and starting a volunteer fire department, establishing an independent planning and zoning department solely for Baldwin and is currently involved in the process of city incorporation for Baldwin. He would also serve as the Chairman for the Association of Townships in Sherburne County.

    As a result of his involvement in Baldwin, Bryan would serve on several committees at the county level in Sherburne County, including chairman of County Planning & Zoning, member of County board of Adjustment and member on the County Waste Management Committee. Due to this extensive involvement he would be asked to run for County Commissioner twice, again facing a popular incumbent and falling short while receiving 47.2 percent of the vote.

    On a personal level, Bryan has lived in the same community for 28 years. He has raised 4 children and they have attended local schools, been involved in 4-H, FFA, Band & athletics. Currently Bryan serves on the FFA Advisory Committee for Princeton FFA. His family is still an active part of the local community and he and his wife Marytina have been active members of New Life Church of Princeton for the past 21 years serving as bible quiz coaches, Sunday school teachers and executive committee members for the youth group.

    Bryan’s roots in the community, his involvement in local, county and state politics and his commitment to family make him an excellent candidate to represent House District 27B.

    On the Issues


    Sanctity of Life and Protection of the Unborn

    I am a pro-life candidate who supports the protection of life from conception to natural death. After repealing pro-life protections in 2023, the Democrats assault on life continues and they are now advocating assisted suicide legislation. I will firmly oppose their culture of death.   


    Second Amendment

    Gun control has never been an effective method to control crime or reduce mass shootings. I strongly support the right to keep and bear arms and will fight further restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.


    Education/School Choice

    I strongly support school choice because not all students learn at the same pace and in the same environment. Some excel in public schools, others do better in a charter school environment, and others perform at a higher level in a religious school setting. And, as we have seen, particularly after the unnecessary school lockdowns during COVID, many more Minnesota children are finding success while being homeschooled. Parents should be entrusted with the ability to direct state education dollars to the school that best serves their child’s learning potential.


    State Surplus and Spending

    Last session of the legislature, Democrats spent the entire $17 BILLION surplus on wasteful programs while increasing state spending by nearly 40% and raising taxes! Not surprisingly, future budget projections show a deficit. This unsustainable taxing and spending has to stop.


    Protecting our Children

    I will strongly oppose efforts to redefine the definition of man and woman, and will support legislation to prohibit transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports. This insanity in which minor children are prescribed sex-change medications must be stopped.   


    Constitutional Government

    The expansion of “omnibus” bills in which hundreds of unrelated provisions are packed into “must pass” legislation must end. The Minnesota Constitution is quite clear. Article IV, Section 17 reads: “No law shall embrace more than one subject, which shall be expressed in its title.”



    It’s time to stop the wasteful spending – nearly $3 billion on one light rail project alone – and redirect transportation dollars to roads and bridges. I will work with fellow Republican legislators from our area to secure much needed transportation funding for projects in central Minnesota.


    Support for Small Business

    According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, Minnesota is home to over 533,000 small businesses. As a small business operator, I see firsthand the negative impact excessive regulations have on small business productivity and growth. As State Representative, I will work to lower small business taxes and roll back excessive regulations that penalize job creators.


    Welfare Reform

    The “Feeding our Future” scandal in which over $250 million was fraudulently obtained proved once again that welfare fraud is rampant in Minnesota. While there is a place for assisting those most in need, I will demand accountability, timely audits and increased oversight of welfare and human services spending.


    Election Integrity

    Election fraud has long been a part of our nation’s history. With voting being made easier, the possibility for election fraud has increased. I support mandatory Voter ID, early voting no more than 20 days before an election, and prohibiting non-profit organizations receiving state funds from engaging in get-out-the-vote activities.

    Did you know?

    Under Minnesota’s Political Contribution Refund program, your donation is fully refundable up to $75 for an individual and $150 for a married couple.